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The Laird AU (AU 3)
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The Laird AU

An Alternate Universe where Roger is a highland laird in the 10th century. The 4 Great Houses of India have been slaughtered by the evil Dark Witch and Necromancer Meenakshi of Tamil Nadu, and those who have not been killed, have been sent into slavery. Adrian together with his cousins Ashok, Jeevan and Padma, and his private companion Devasree, is brought to Scotland as slaves where Roger is presented with them.

Day 1: Adrian and the other slaves arrive at Castle Davies in July - PG

Roger decides to keep all the slaves and collar them, and they spend their first night at the castle. - PG-13

Day 2: Roger uses blood magic and a blood oath to bind Adrian to him, and to collar the rest of the slaves. Roger and Adrian see each others Animagus forms. All the slaves are assigned quarters, Adrian and his family on the same floor as Roger. - PG

One of the slavegirls from Adrian's group is raped by one of Roger's men, Roger and Adrian come to her aid. - R

Day 3:Roger wakes dreaming of having sex with Adrian. The raped woman is presented to the Great Hall and the rapist is publicly accused. Adrian is required to make a list of the slaves' needs and former wands. - NC-17

Roger and Ashok save a woman in labour and her baby. - PG-13

Day 4: Roger receives a howler from his father over the slaves and then speaks with Adrian. Later a raid against Duff is planned. - PG

Throne Day (day 6): Adrian and Devasree shop for the slaves, Roger sentences the rapist to death. - PG-13

The rapist is hanged, but there's news about Duff wanting to fight Roger. They decide that Adrian and Jeevan are to create a moat while Roger prepares for single combat - R

Day 12: Painted up in blue woad Roger kills Laird Duff and steals his gold, then has quite unexpected sex with Adrian when he returns. - NC-17

Adrian hides and wards Duff's gold for Roger. - PG

14 days later: Ollivander and his brother come to Castle Davies with wands and magical artifacts. All wizarding people incl. the slaves get their own wands. Adrian transforms into his Animagus form for the first time since Meenakshi attacked. Ollivander wants a rather special payment from Roger. Roger buys an Egyptian chess game for Adrian. - NC-17

Ollivander brothers leave Castle Davies. Roger goes to give Adrian the chess set and they have sex. - NC-17

Months later in Winter: Ardeth Bey (Adrian's bodyguard) arrives at Castle Davies together with 14 other men. Roger is suspicious but lets them in. Adrian and his family are in shock, which makes Roger mistrust the newcomers even more. - R

Roger confronts Adrian about Ardeth, but Adrian denies any knowledge of the man. Roger doesn't believe him. - PG

Devasree sings in the Great Hall and Roger is saddened and longing for love. Adrian is allowed to interview Ardeth while Roger watches. - PG

Roger and Adrian go to the top of the tower for some hours, then Roger orders Adrian to remain with him in Roger's chambers. They sleep in the same bed. - PG

Roger and Adrian wake up together and have sex. The guards hear, Hamish sees them in bed together. Roger is once more convinced there's more between them and decides to trust Adrian. - NC-17

Adrian meets with Surya and tells him to send Ardeth to the owl interception chamber. Roger kicks out young Duff. Adrian speaks with Ardeth and tells him he's decided to tell the truth to Roger. The next day Roger receives word that Duff has killed Wallace. - PG

Ardeth offers his services and that of his mens' to Roger and Roger accepts. Roger talks to Adrian and then the rest of the clan is told of Duff's actions. - G

Adrian tells the truth to Roger. Later Adrian tells Ardeth that he's contemplated naming Jeevan heir of Thirumalai. - G

Battle training at Castle Davies. Ardeth reveals his Animagus status and scouts for Roger. A spy is sending messages to Duff. A meeting about how to defend castle davies results in a suggestion from Ardeth about the moat. - PG

Adrian brings more messages to Roger, then they have sex and realise they're more involved than only physically. NC-17

Ardeth realises the true implications of the relationship between Roger and Adrian, then informs Roger of his scouting mission. Roger asks Ardeth to start protecting Adrian again. Once more alone, they make love and admit to each other that it is love. - NC-17

Duff attacks and puts Castle Davies under a siege for a day. Then attacks again. At the same time the muggles turn on them as well, Roger is injured, Tarik is killed, the survivors portkey to Spain to gather their forces and form camp. Duff and Meenakshi find a portkey. - R

Roger releases the slaves from their collars, Adrian is abducted in the night by Meenakshi and tortured. Roger, Ardeth and two men follow and free Adrian, making Meenakshi flee. They return to Spain. - R

A new day in Spain, plans are made for recapture of Castle Davies and the Thirumalai Estate. Adrian and Roger step away from the camp to talk privately and to satisfy a need for each others touch. - NC-17

Ardeth Bey returns from having spied out Castle Davies, Roger goes there to get his gold and potions, Adrian is angry and transforms and Ardeth follows him. Roger and Adrian have a small confrontation in animal form when they both return. - PG

The group moves to an island in Greece, Ardeth goes to Jeddah to prepare their arrival at his home. - NC-17

Ardeth brings the group to Jeddah and safety - NC-17
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The Maharaja AU (AU2)
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The Maharaja AU

An Alternate Universe set in modern days where Adrian is the heir of the huge and powerful Thirumalai family in India. Roger is sent to India to become Adrian's Personal Companion because of a business contract between the Davies Clan and the Thirumalai family.

Day 1: Roger arrives and meets Adrian. Gifts are handed over, including the Crown of Thirumalai, Roger sees his rooms and meets Asan, Adrian selects one of the amulets and wears it and they decide to go and see the stables. - G

Adrian and Roger discuss Roger's role in the household, see the stables and meet different horses and decide to go riding. - PG

Roger falls while he's showering and hurts his elbow, Roger and Adrian ride out on Prophet and Shaikh and then have a race which Adrian wins, they race back to the stables and it starts raining and Adrian wins again, Adrian's cousins Ashok and Jeevan join them, Jeevan heals Roger's elbow, Roger changes into kilt, Adrian enjoys Asan before changing, family dinner where Roger is introduced to the rest of the family except Nani, Roger talks to Surya before going to sleep - NC-17

Day 2: Roger wakes up with a hard-on and goes for a swim in the pool, Adrian joins him, breakfast with the family where Roger meets Nani, familiars and tutoring is discussed and Roger chooses his preferred subjects - R

Adrian and Roger meet back in the Great Hall and Roger is introduced to the 'Harem', they visit the Library where Adrian decides on Shakespeare for his reading and then the Music room where they meet Surya and Devasree and there is singing and dancing. - PG

Walking to the foals and mares the boys' Animagi status is revealed, Roger begins to suspect he's been under a spell before coming to India, Roger gets a foal from Adrian and names it Torquil, Roger and Adrian transform, play and meet Adrian's bodyguard Ardeth, then they return to the house. - PG

Lunch with the family, Roger receives an owl from home brought by Rowenna, Adrian shows Roger the Gallery of Arms, they go to see Ardeth and show him the tiger properly, Adrian transforms as well and stays a panther as they go to the library and Roger reads the letter from home, Adrian transforms back, they talk and agree to meet in the evening in Adrian's rooms for the reading of Shakespeare Roger is to give. - PG

Adrian has a lovely hedonistic time with Surya and Devasree, Roger sees and overhears some of it and is shocked, Adrian apologises but Roger just gives the recital then leaves, Roger freaks out in his rooms and Surya notices and tries to talk to him, Adrian is restless and transform into his panther form and stalks the grounds, passing by Roger's rooms he sees Roger repairng stuff and also sees Surya. Roger reads into the night and sleeps in the library. - NC-17

Day 3: Roger swims in the morning, Adrian takes a long ride on Shaikh, tension at breakfast, Adrian and Roger have a small confrontation but deal with the tension, Roger is introduced to the tutors and a healer visits to examine Roger for the effects of the Chastity Curse. - PG-13

First Healer's report on Roger's health - PG-13

Day 10: Roger 'accidentally' bumps into and hugs Adrian brieftly, before they go on a shopping trip in Bangalore, first they shop of a cello and Roger finds one he likes, then for jewelry where Roger buys gifts for his siblings and mother, then finally for a familiar but Roger finds two mongoose babies at the shop and chooses them, they go home and Roger settles the mongooses in. Adrian and Roger eat alone on Roger's terrace and talk. Finally they visit Torquil at the stables. - PG

2 weeks later: Roger and his mongoose babies settle fully into the Thirumalai household and Roger practices playing the cello, Adrian has watched Roger a lot and not practiced playing the piano enough, during breakfast they talk about playing together and decide on a time of day to practice together, Roger reacts sharply to a ward going off on his cello at home in Scotland, he talks with Ardeth and contacts his parents via house elf. PG

waiting for an answer from Scotland Roger and Adrian go to feed the mongoose babies, then adjourn to the library on their way meeting Asan and Hiranmay. At the library it's revealed that it's Roger's dad who has broken the wards and is selling the cello. Roger writes back. To pass the time waiting for a response, they go riding. Adrian on Shaikh, Roger on Sharif. - G

Roger and Adrian are at a party where Adrian introduces him to many of his friends - G

They have their first encounter with Meenakshi, meet more people, dance with different partners - both of them Sadhana - then go outside to talk and get some fresh air. PG

Roger and Adrian get closer together and then kiss for the first time, they decide to go home and together with Ardeth do so. - PG-13

Ardeth Bey sees Meenakshi for the first time. G

At home again, Roger and Adrian go to Roger's rooms and things progress quite hotly from there, Roger admits that he wants Adrian to be his first, Adrian promises to stay and show Roger a lot of pleasurable things to do. They spend the night together. - NC-17

Roger and Adrian wake up together in bed and spend the morning there having more sex and eating breakfast, then discuss how to handle the shift in their relationship. - NC-17

Adrian and Roger finally dress to face the day and the conversations they need to have. - TBD

Second Healer's report on Roger's health - PG-13
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The Bad Dream AU (AU1)
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The Bad Dream AU

An Alternate Universe where Roger is abducted by Death Eaters, kept under the Imperius Curse and then forced to destroy Lammas Park boarding house, killing several of the Auror Trainees and the landlady Mrs. Cluckinhan. One of the trainees he kills by strangling her. Adrian manages to stun Roger and flees with him to India.

Roger in the clutches of Death Eaters - PG

One of the first days after fleeing to India - PG-13

First Healers appt. - PG-13

Second Healers appt. - R

Roger has a bad dream and hits Adrian in his sleep - NC-17

Afterglow continued from above thread - R

Adrian and Roger go shopping for a wand for Roger - PG

Adrian and Roger go home after wand- and bookshopping - NC-17

The day of going to the Thirumalai Estate - Roger confronts Adrian about their future together then has a nightmare later - NC-17

Second day at Thirumalai Estate - Dreams of a golden cube, Roger wants Adrian to decide everything for him, breakfast and a nap that's interupted by sleepwalking, a journey underground that ends up in horror and hurt, Nani speaks with Adrian - NC-17

Third day at Thirumalai Estate - Roger speaks alone with Nani then all three have breakfast together, love, bathing where they talk about Roger's abduction and the night of the Lammas Park destruction, a trip to the temple and a long walk through the gardens. - NC-17

Dinner at Nani's house in the evening, same day. - TBD
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The Original Timeline
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The Original Timeline

The events in Roger and Adrian's lives after September 1996 until present day (currently year 2000) (4 years, w00t!).

Bia and Zelus are abducted in early October 1996 - PG-13

Adrian receives confirmation that his dogs are dead medio October 1996 - PG

Their break-up in late October 1996 from Roger's PoV - PG

Their break-up from Adrian's PoV - PG

Just after their break-up (November 1996) - R

Adrian's Christmas 1996 - PG

Roger's Christmas 1996 - G

Adrian thinks about fortune and his lack of it - January 1997 - G

First part of the thread is about their time apart (spans 6 months from November 1996 to April 1997) - R

Roger realises a truth buried in his childhood - PG-13

Adrian dreams about an incident at Hogwarts - G

Adrian thinks about his love for Roger - PG

A dream meeting during their time apart - PG

Their reunion in late April 1997 - NC-17

Roger's thoughts on trust right after their reunion - PG

Getting ready for Tucker's party in Boston, USA (April 30th 1997) - NC-17

Meeting up with Remus, Kirill, Charlie and Kaycee to go to Tucker's party together - R

At Tucker's party - NC-17

Roger's birthday in 1997 - NC-17

Adrian sees Hadrian for the first time in India - late May 1997 - PG

Adrian comes home from his trip to India - NC-17

Their favourite time of the day - PG

Remus kisses Adrian for the last time - June 1997 - PG

Roger sees the kiss and Adrian tries to make up for it - NC-17

Adrian comes home from a visit to Remus - They go to Beaters- August 1997 - NC-17

Roger's blue waistcoat and its effect on Adrian - NC-17

A favourite thing to do to relax - NC-17

The days leading up to Adrian's b-day in 1997 - NC-17

Adrian's birthday 1997 - NC-17

They wrap up A's b-day at Club Lucid in NY - NC-17

Roger admits to Adrian that he once cheated at Quidditch - NC-17

Roger and Adrian go to India together - November 1997 - NC-17

Adrian's day as a cat - Early December 1997 - NC-17

New Years vacation 1997 - NC-17

New Years Eve 1997/98 - PG

Roger thinks about his life with Adrian - PG

Adrian thinks about his father - G

Finding, seeing and buying the House - They also meet Padma Patil - March 1998 - NC-17

Clearing out the attic at the House after moving in - preparing for Padma to move in - early April 1998 - NC-17

Roger's birthday May 1st 1998 - NC-17

Christmas holiday 1998 - NC-17

Adrian pisses Roger off a week before Auror Qualification June 1999 - NC-17

Adrian goes undercover on a case January 2000 - NC-17

Roger's birthday 1st May 2000 - puppies - TBD

A few days after Adrian's b-day in 2000 - conversation with a dog - PG

What lies in the future for Damian Pucey - PG
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2004 - 6-7 years after Voldemort's fall
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An Alternate Universe future for Adrian in After Survivor after the game ended.

Warning: Mpreg

NC-17Collapse )
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Saturday, Sep. 28th 1996 - Gaius (Roger) takes a stroll down Diagon
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Roger takes a stroll down Diagon Alley under the disguise of his Gaius glamour to shop a little for the Jolly Sailor Caper.

( G )
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Friday, Sep. 27th 1996 - Evening - Roger's room - Incomplete
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"Hey," Roger said, closing his door behind Adrian. "I have some things to talk over with you."

Lord help me! he thought as he suddenly became aware that he hadn't been this close to ... and this alone with Adrian... all day long.

NC-17Collapse )
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Friday, Sep. 27th 1996 - Dinner at Lammas Park
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Dinner with interaction between Roger and Gabriel.

( G )
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Friday, Sep. 27th 1996 - Morning at the Ministry
Adrian Pucey
Auror training class at the Ministry.

( G )
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